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Welcome back to Santa's Adventure!

In this installment, our heroes- WAIT did you play the last game? For story reasons it's probably necessary.

Anyway, the previous game was an attempt to emulate innocent happiness in an hour or so experience but this game is about depressed revenge! It's ALMOST a purposeful metaphor! 

This game features:

  • A single enemy type and a multitude of bosses!
  • A ton of LGBTQ+ representation!
  • A kickass soundtrack almost completely stolen!
  • About an hour of gameplay unless it takes you a while to find everything!

This game will not be on gamejolt despite what I've said before because I'm not uploading an 800MB file twice in this era of slightly-post-dialup

Install instructions

This time I decided to make the game into a ZIP folder so just download that and extract and play! I'm sorry about the file size.


Santa's Adventure 2.zip 789 MB

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