A downloadable garbage

A satire/camp RPG that will leave you wanting to send me hate mail for the rest of our lives!

Play as Santa Claus and the many friends he makes along the way as he needs to deliver toys to the good kids all across the Earth! The game has a ton of problems that were left in to simulate a child's creation, so please take that into account as you play. 

I stole, like, a TON of assets for this game so please look at the README to see what they were and take interest in them instead of my game. And then read further and find my inspirations and please check them out instead too.

WARNING: has some optional sexual encounters that are kind of out of nowhere as well as sexualization of enemies to an extreme degree. The point is to be made from the mind of someone who doesn't understand why they like sex but puts it in the game anyway but if this turns you away from playing I understand. 

Originally on gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/santaadventure/309114

Install instructions

Download! Open the exe to take out the game's files into a folder where you can play the game. Anti-virus may want to be let loose upon my defenseless software like a tiddy-starved ecchi fan and tear it to shreds like it's an eviction notice from God, and if that's what you wanna do I won't stop you. But if you decide to play this ""game"" anyway, after you put everything into a ZIP you can export, then you should just have to click the "game.exe" to play!


santasadventure.exe 377 MB

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