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Many years before Santa's Adventure, he had to get the placement of Father Christmas somehow...

In this prequel made to appeal to the masses and make me no more money than I had before, St. Nick must become Father Christmas in the "Game to the Top," a battle-royale (not made this way because of current trends). 

This game features:

  • Stolen assets, what did you expect from me
  • A short (hour or two) story explaining all the amazing Santa lore in the Santa's Adventure games!
  • Basically the MGS3 of Santa's Adventure, only shittier instead of better
  • Many optional playable characters!
  • An intuitive use of exposition known as "text"
  • "Jokes" 
  • The expansive fantasy-inspired environment of the North Pole

This game was made by bigbadoneechan as well as help from Santa Claus (that's what they wanted to be credited as) in many areas, thank you! This has been in development from Semptember-December 2018

NOTE: this game was not tested as much as it probably should've been and some things are last minute. If there is something wrong, please comment and I will get on it!

Install instructions

Download the files, extract everything, see the readme and ignore it unless you really want to see what I stole, extract the rpg maker files, and then play!


Santa vs Krampus.zip 434 MB

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