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Created in an alternate universe, this game depicts the "what could have been" of pop culture fan creations. Everything in this realm is not as it is here... Garfield became the biggest fan art origin (as opposed to Sonic). This game is an attempt to show the current state of childhood OC creations from an alternate history standpoint (weird, I know). 

This game features:

  • A short (~30 min. to 1 hours~ approx.) RPG Maker "game" from the maker of the Santa's Adventure series!
  • Meet many friends along the way as well as my Garfield OC, Roosevelt the Agender Housecat/Raccoon, who has the sharingan and is a Joestar!
  • Explorer vast and diverse world full of surprising enemies and encounters!
  • Hear the beautiful soundtrack that compliment the game's "alternate universe" gimmick writing!
  • Almost nothing is spelled correctly! 
  • Gaze upon the beautiful original/stolen assets I worked hard on putting in the game (took the longest to do probably)!

    This project was developed over July-August of 2018 in RPG Maker VX Ace. I hope you enjoy!

    Install instructions

    This time, I kept the exe installation. Sorry, it's just easier for me to upload this way! So, to play, you have to download the zip file, export it all, check out the readme if you're into that, use the exe (watch out for anti-virus scanners thinking I gave you the next mydoom when it's just a harmless rpg) and then you will have the files to play! Use the game.exe to boot it up!


    roosevelt garfield oc.zip 544 MB


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    I'm gonna try the game. I hope it will be great. If it's good enough. I will write a review about it.